Tuesday, November 27, 2012

before & after: reupholstered chair

I wanted to share another thrift store furniture project.  I bought this chair this past summer at Salvation Army for $25.  It kind of looks like an old office chair.

The first step was to take off all of the old fabric and batting.  This part was the most time consuming because it seemed like there were a million staples in that sucker.  Next, I sanded down the legs and then stained them with Minwax stain in Dark Walnut from Home Depot.  After two coats of stain (with drying in between), I added a layer of poly.  Since the original padding was in pretty good shape, I opted to just add some batting over the old padding.  Here are pictures of the chair before the batting.

I reupholstered the chair using Schooner Nautical print fabric I found at Big Y Yardage Outlet.  For the back, I added some decorative nails from Jo-Ann's (Dritz Decorative Nails 7/16" in Antique Brass).  For the arms and apron, I used cotton cording from Jo-Ann's to create some piping.

The chair now sits in our guest bedroom which has a nautical theme to it.  It's amazing what some wood stain and new fabric can do for an old chair.


  1. OMG - my favorite color scheme is blue and white and coastal chic and you nailed it (no pun intended because I love the nail heads too by the way). Nicely done and I admire your courage in tackling this project! WELL DONE! You are my here for the day. (Had to repost because spelling errors drive me crazy)! :-)

  2. Absolutely stunning!! Love, love, love the material, style, and idea!

  3. Thank you very much for the sweet comments! I'm glad you like them!