Monday, January 19, 2015

diy: console table...

Today I am excited to share my very first piece of furniture that I built from scratch!  After a few months of searching and searching for a reasonably priced console table that was both tall and narrow, I gave up and decided to just make one myself.  It was a journey of trial and error but I am really happy with the end results and can't wait to take a stab at building another piece!

I will be completely honest and say that there was not much planning involved on the construction of the console table so I apologize that I do not have a detailed step-by-step to provide.  I did, however, take pictures in the process so here goes...

I used common board from Home Depot for the base.  I picked common board because it was relatively cheap and I knew I was planning on painting the piece.  If you want to just stain the wood, I would definitely recommend better quality wood.  Anyway, I started off by building a rectangle and used corner brackets on the inside to attach the sides.

I then attached the legs to all four sides of the rectangle with wood screws.  Next, I added an extra piece of board in the front and back of the base making sure the pieces were flush to the legs.

I wanted the top to be completely smooth so I opted to use a bullnose stair tread that I found for 50% off at Austin Hardwoods & Hardware.  The stair tread was pretty much ready to go and the exact length I wanted.  I only had to sand the ends to smooth them out.

Here is what the base and top looked like after the base was assembled.  I used caulk to fill in any cracks between the wood pieces and to cover up the wood screws.

Next, I sanded the common board and then stained it with three coats of Minwax Wood Stain in Classic Gray.  The stain was leftover from a previous project {here}.

Once the stain was completely dry, I painted over the stain with two light coats of off-white paint I had left over from the thrift store desk I painted {here}.  Once the paint was completely dry, I sanded the base to create a distressed look.

I then attached the top to the base using more corner brackets.

And here is the end result!  

The canvas print is actually a real picture my friend took when we went to Bora Bora a few years ago.  I love the picture and it brings back memories of a great trip with good friends.  The candle, vase, frames, tray, starfish and faux grass decor are all from Home Goods.  The Newgate Carriage Mini Alarm Clock is from MyHabit and the Geo Terrarium is from World Market.

As a finishing touch, I also added two hooks on each end of the console table to hang bags, dog leashes, etc.  The hooks are from Home Depot.

I put a couple of air plants inside the terrarium but I am sad to report, they died since I took this picture. I do not have a "green thumb" whatsoever so the fact that these little guys lived more than a few months is still a success in my mind!

The small stool was an awesome find in the Home Goods clearance area and is handy when taking shoes off and on by the door.  The basket is technically a laundry hamper (also from Home Goods).  I loved that it had a top to so you cannot tell what is inside.  I use it to hold all my boots.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

hot pot and new year's eve recap...

Before I completely say goodbye to 2014, I wanted to share a few photos of how we closed the year out and welcomed in 2015.  On New Year's Eve last week, we hosted a small group of friends and family to just hang out and catch up.

NYE Printables  / {See here}
Frames / Ikea and Michael's
Party Hats  / Party City
Wreaths & Mini Trees / {See here
Base & Branches / {See here}
Gold Star Garland / Michael's

The last couple of years we have done a fondue dinner for New Year's Eve but since we had some small children coming over, we opted for Chinese hot pot instead.  The hot pot dinner was a light, healthy, and clean offset to all the heavier holiday meals and desserts we had had the week before.  Plus, it is relatively easy to prepare and is fun in a group setting.  


The evening was low key but it was nice to stay in and not pay a fortune to hang out in a crowded restaurant or bar.  Plus, this way, Tater and Panda could join in on the fun too!