Friday, December 28, 2012

before & after: reupholstered chairs

Today I wanted to share my very first reupholstery project.  I got these two chairs at Salvation Army for $20 a piece.  I picked these chairs because they had wood legs and were sturdy, comfortable, and had a nice wide base.  Another appealing factor was that they did not look like they would be too complicated to reupholster.

This is what the chairs looked like before.

I wanted to re-use the nail heads so the first step was to pry them off with a flathead screwdriver and pliers.  Next step was to take off the old fabric with an upholstery staple remover, pliers, and a lot of patience!  The old fabric was a thick grasscloth material so the batting and padding underneath looked virtually new and did not need to be replaced.  I stained the legs using two coats of the same Dark Walnut Minwax stain that I used for my Salvation Army armchair {see here}.

Here are the uncovered chairs while the stain was drying.

Next, I upholstered the chair using the old fabric as a template.  Because there are really no edges to these chairs, stapling the fabric on was fairly easy.  I used a small rubber mallet to add the nail heads back.  The fabric is from a store in the Los Angeles Fashion District and was $20.  The LA Fashion District is amazing by the way.  I definitely recommend a trip there if you are looking for bargains for fabric, notions, clothing, and accessories.

Here are the chairs all finished.  They now sit at the head of our dining room table.

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