Thursday, January 17, 2013

baby bird baby shower - part 1...

As I mentioned in {this post}, I hosted a baby shower for some good friends of ours this past weekend. The mom-to-be opted for a joint baby shower and a "baby bird" theme.  The baby shower was a ton of fun to plan and decorate, especially for such a great couple.  I tried to incorporate as manyDIY projects as possible and will try to include details on what I did.

First off was the entryway.  I hung a couple of wreaths I have from Home Goods that I use during Easter.  I have covered up the couple's name but you can still get an idea of what the signs looked like.  We enjoy hosting BBQ's in the summer and people tend to stand around at the front door for awhile until they figure out no one inside can hear them knocking!  Since we were expecting quite a few people, I decided to add a sign to let them know to just come on in. 

front door wreaths

For the guest sign-in, I wanted to add a personal touch from the parents-to-be so I asked them to bring some pictures of them growing up as well as pictures of them together.  I made a tassel garland out of streamer paper to hang some of the pictures off of the fireplace.  The tassel garland basically involved cutting the streamer paper into strips (about 1/2 inch wide), gathering at the top, and taping to a piece of ribbon.
table / DIY streamer tassel garland

For the guest sign-in table, I put together a fingerprint tree.  Each guest stamped his or her fingerprint and signed next to it.

I also asked each guest to fill out a "Wishes for Baby" card that I had made.  The sign-in tree and cards were just some fun items for the parents-to-be to take home as a memory.   

Here is an example of what they looked like before I printed them on card stock. 

Also, to add some more color to the windows, I made some tissue paper flower wreaths in the baby shower colors.  The wreaths were $1 each from Target and the tissue paper was leftover from Christmas present wrapping.  I found a great tutorial on making tissue paper flowers {here}.

For food, we just had some finger foods to snack on.  I added two vintage birdcages from Home Goods and interspersed some little birdhouses and birds around the dishes.

Food Table

To add some more color to the dining room, I added some paper decorations that I found at Party City.  To keep to the baby bird theme, I added two birdhouses in the windowsill.  I stained the top of each birdhouse with wood stain and painted the rest with craft paint.  To add some height, I glued the birdhouses to wooden candlesticks.  I bought the birdhouses, candlesticks, and craft paint all at Michael's.

Here is a close-up of a couple of the baby birdhouses that were around the food table.  Similar to the bigger birdhouses, I stained the top of the birdhouses with the wood stain I had left over from my Salvation Army chair project {see post here}.  To give the birdhouses a "weathered" look, I painted over some of the stain with the craft paint and lightly sanded to show some of the stain underneath.  You can get these small birdhouses at JoAnn's fabrics for $1!  The final touch was some birds that I found at the Dollar Store.  I love how the birdhouses came out and cannot wait to try the same thing on a bigger piece of furniture!

DIY Birdhouses
I have a lot of pictures I want to share from the baby shower so I'm going to have to split this up into a couple posts!  Check back soon for Part II!

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