Friday, January 11, 2013

loft living...

Have you ever watched a TV show or movie and thought "man, I would totally live there!"  This thought has crossed my mind several times.  For some odd reason, when I see loft apartments on TV or in a movie, I always wish I had rented one back when I lived in downtown LA.  Oddly enough, I distinctly remember not even wanting to consider lofts back then because the thought of decorating one or keeping it remotely organized seemed so daunting.  The lofts always look so effortless, hip, and fun on TV or the big screen.  How could you not want to live there?

Here are a few of examples...

Movie: Love and Other Drugs {source}
Movie: He's Just Not That Into You {source}
TV Show: Castle {source}

TV Show: New Girl {source}

Movie: The Vow {source}

I couldn't find a good picture but I always liked Sunny Kofax's loft from the movie, Big Daddy.  The walkway between the two bedrooms is awesome!

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  1. How is this style called? Is it just LOFT?