Monday, February 18, 2013

valentine's day recap...

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day last week!  This year, my husband and I agreed to make our gifts for each other.  I think the process and result was more fun this way because it took thought, creativity, and effort.  Here is what we ended up with...

I came home from work to a nice surprise of a candy stand and a bouquet of roses.  This table was set-up literally right in front of the door.

And if that was not enough, he also put together a fondue dinner!  The food was yummy and the dinner was a million times better than going to some crowded restaurant for an overpriced meal.

We have been working on filling up some of the empty space on our walls so I decided to make my husband a couple of signs.  The first was a framed quote from The Help.  This was one of those "girly" movies I made my husband watch with me.  He ended up liking the movie and for some reason, this quote stuck with him and he says it to me randomly sometimes, southern accent and all.  I thought it would be a perfect thing to hang up in our home.  The frame was from Home Goods and I put the sign together using fonts I downloaded from dafont and printed on card stock.

The second gift was a shadowbox displaying the places that are significant to us.  The shadowbox was also from Home Goods.  I simply printed maps of the relevant cities on card stock and cut them out in heart shapes.  There is a heart for where we met, our first date, our first apartment, where we got engaged, where we married, our honeymoon, and our first home.

Here is a closer look.

Here are the two signs together.

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