Friday, June 7, 2013

euro trip recap: part 3

On to the second leg of our trip, Paris!!!  After a few days in the Netherlands, we took a Thalys train to Paris.  The train was definitely a great choice since it was convenient, quick (only took about 3 hours), and economical.

We spent the extra Euros for a Comfort 1 ticket which included assigned seating, a meal and beverage service, and free Wifi above what you would get with a Comfort 2 ticket.  The train was a lot nicer than what I expected.  The amount of space, service, and the quality of the food was better than most airlines!

The food on the train was a lot better than I expected as well.  Of course, it did not compare to the amazing meal we had that night at Cafe Constant.  Chef Christian Constant has a few restaurants in Paris.  Next time I hope to try another one!

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