Monday, November 18, 2013

our home: fall floral decorations

Every year it seems like Christmas decorations come out in stores earlier and earlier.  Yesterday, I was looking at Christmas decorations and felt like I was somehow behind on decorating our house.  The thought seems crazy though since Thanksgiving is still over a week away!  Therefore, I can totally relate to this weekend's SNL skit with Mr. Senior...

In the spirit of delaying Christmas decorating, I wanted to share some pictures of some of the faux floral decorations I put up this year at our house to dress it up for the fall season.  Faux florals are easy to use for decorations because you can simply switch out the florals depending on the season.

For instance, this is a comparison of what our living room looks like in the summer vs. the fall...

On the fireplace mantel, I switched out the faux florals in the tall vases on each side.  I replaced the coral with a small vase with more fall florals.  I also switched out the white picture frames and book ends with some brown ones.

On the ottoman tray, I switched out the white vase and florals with some more fall colored florals in a bronze tin vase that we received last year as part of a Christmas gift basket.

On the console table, I simple switched out the florals in the rounded vase.

And finally some close-ups from around the house...

More dining room decorations {here}

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