Monday, December 9, 2013

diy: burlap wreaths

This year I decided to make a couple of burlap wreaths to hang in our living room as Christmas decorations.  These wreaths are super easy and simple to make and do not take a lot of supplies.

I started out with two rolls of burlap garland (10 yards each) and two wire wreaths from Michael's.

After tying down the front end of the burlap with a pipe cleaner (floral wire would work too), I started pushing loops through the back of the frame.  

Once the 3 loops were pushed through (one loop per row), I gathered the loops together.  I continued doing this all the way around the wreath and then fastened the end of the burlap with another pipe cleaner. 

Once done, I hung the wreaths on clear wreath hooks and added large Christmas ornaments from Home Goods as decoration.  I decided not to add any more decoration to the wreaths themselves so that I could use them for other occasions (such as Easter).  

Here is one close-up...

And here are our dogs chilling in front of the wreaths as they miserably tolerate reindeer antlers on their heads...

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