Monday, January 27, 2014

combo party: birthday & red egg and ginger party

As I mentioned last week, I have been helping a friend with a few decorations for a party for both of her girls.  The party was this past weekend and was a combination of a birthday party and a red egg & ginger party with a "Sparkle with Love" theme.  For those of you who do not know what a red egg and ginger party worries, I didn't either!  After a quick Google search, I discovered the celebration originated as a Chinese tradition where parents would celebrate the one-month birthday of their newborn, reveal the name of the baby, and introduce the baby to family and friends.  Here are a few photos from the party...

My friend got both cakes from Susie Cake and decorated with a couple of cake bunting printables that I made for her to match the theme.  The cake bunting on the pink cake was made using the "Glitter Font" and "MTF Itty Bitty Baby" fonts off of

My friend made the incredible nest on the cake herself and filled with a couple of dyed eggs.

The cake bunting for the gold cake was made with the "Janda Sparkle" font off of

We hung the tissue paper tassel garland {from here} in the entryway to the kitchen.

We also added the extra tissue paper tassels {see here} to the balloons.

My friend also made a mylar tassel garland to add some extra decoration to the food table.

She also added some candles to the dining table and made a centerpiece for the food table to enhance the "Sparkle with Love" theme.

My friend made these amazing silver and gold tissue pom poms that we hung in the dining room window. 

I also made a "Happy Birthday" printable that my friend printed and strung on some curling ribbon to hang in the dining room entryway.  You can download the printable here:

On each side of the banner, we hung up clear balloons that my friend filled with red confetti.  I loved these!

My friend did an amazing job on the decorations and I'm glad I was able to help out a little.  I can't believe she planned all this with two little kiddos at home!  All the parents and kids seemed to have fun and more importantly, the kids seemed to be worn out by the end of the party!

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