Monday, May 19, 2014

before & after: refinished patio furniture

As I mentioned {here}, I have some family visiting us this summer and we have been trying to finish up projects here and there to get the house ready for guests.  One of the items on our "to do list" was to spruce up our patio furniture.

Our patio table, chairs, and lounge chairs are all metal so when we first bought them, we were really good about covering them with outdoor furniture covers  As time went on {and the covers ripped), we got lazy about covering them up.  Eventually over time, they all developed a sad rusted look.

So this weekend, while I attended a friend's baby shower, my husband was sweet enough to knock this task of our to do list.  After one coat of this Rust-oleum spray paint, this is what the table looked like...

Much better right?  He used Rust-oleum's paint and primer in one that works on metal surfaces for indoors or outdoors. 

You can kind of tell the difference here on the side tables.  The one one the left has been refinished and the one on the right still needs to be spray painted.

And here is a quick comparison on the patio table...

Now our patio furniture looks just like new again!

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