Monday, May 12, 2014

before & after: thrift store mirror

I bought these three mirrors a few months ago at Salvation Army for $8 a piece.

The mirrors remind me somewhat of the metal clad mirrors from Pottery Barn (below and here).  The thrift store mirrors have plastic frames so there is definitely a gap in the quality there.  However, they are definitely a lower price point than Pottery Barn (the set of 3 retails for $289).

{Pottery Barn}
Anyway, I was going to update all three mirrors and hang them over the bed on the condo project I am working on (see herehere, here, and here).  However, before I finished fixing them up, I managed to break one of the mirrors and then my friend opted for a piece of art above the bed.  I took all this as a sign to just keep the two in tact mirrors for the condo project and keep the frame from the broken one for something else.

Last weekend when I was cleaning up, I found some leftover fabric from this chair I reupholstered {here}.  The fabric itself looks like a sketch so I thought it would be nice to frame a piece of it.

After spray painting the frame gold, I simply cut out and framed a piece of the leftover fabric using the extra frame.  And this is what the frame looks like now...

 The frame is hanging up in our guest bedroom in the same room as the nautical chair (see here).

I think it looks much better now that it is one color.  Luckily, the ship fit in the size of the frame.  

And a quick comparison...

Not bad for $8!

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