Thursday, May 8, 2014

our home: upstairs hallway

It's been awhile since I shared pictures of our home so I thought I would share a few pictures of another space that we recently finished…our upstairs hallway.  I know a hallway does not seem like it would be that exciting to talk about.  However, when I look back at "before" pictures from when we moved in,  I realize that it was quite a transformation.

Here is what the hallway looked like right before we moved in…

Sad…very sad.  These pictures are actually after the built-in cabinets and railing were painted.  Originally, they were just golden oak which I am sure looked great in the 80's but are not so amazingly stylish these days.  First step was to paint and add silver hardware to the cabinets.  Then, we pretty much just replaced the flooring when we did the rest of the house {discussed here} and added some decor.

And here is what it looks like all finished…

We use the built-ins to store extra bedding, towels, and books.  I love having all the extra storage space here instead of using up space in the closets.  The open shelf holds a collection of pictures from our wedding.  The candle holder is from Cost Plus World Market and is actually one of the first decor items my husband and I purchased when we moved in together years ago.  I placed a table runner from Home Goods under the frames (which are all from Home Goods, Ross, or Michael's).

The two area rugs are from Home Goods and the set of three beach pictures are Ikea purchases from our "apartment days" when we first moved in together.  

The side table is from Home Goods and the candle holder was a gift from a friend.

The two vases and sphere were Home Goods finds last year in the clearance section.  They matched well with the area rugs and overall scheme and were my attempt to cover up the laundry chute (that we never use).

As you can see in the following picture, our stairs lead straight into our dining room so I wanted to make sure the color scheme in the hallway tied in well with the rest of the downstairs.

And a quick comparison...

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