Thursday, June 26, 2014

under the sea birthday party - part 2

Earlier this week {here}, I shared some pictures from the birthday party we hosted for my niece and our families.  Today, I wanted to share a few pictures of the food.

Since the stuffed burgers turned out so great for Memorial Day {see here}, my husband offered to make them again for this BBQ.  All the burgers were "cooked to order" where each guest could pick what they wanted in their burgers.  The stuffing options were a few different kinds of cheese, white onions, red onions, mushrooms, bell pepper, or bacon.  The burgers turned out great.  In fact, they were so good, I forgot to take pictures of them after they were made!

My husband also grilled some skewers for people who did not want a burger.

Chicken Sausage and Pineapple Skewers

Chicken Skewers / Corn / Veggie Skewers

Pretty much every time we host a BBQ, we stick out chips and dip.  It's boring I know but great for guests to munch on as they wait for the main dishes to finish cooking on the grill.

Chips and Dip

For appetizers and sides, we had a veggie tray, cheese tray, watermelon, and fruit.

And just for fun, I filled my Mason Jar Drink Dispenser from Pottery Barn with blue Powerade to match the theme.  The paper straws and tropical themed cups were from the Dollar Tree as well.

And no birthday party is complete without birthday cake!  My niece is a lucky gal because she got not one but two birthday cakes.  These amazing cakes are from 85C Bakery.  The top one is a Mango Mousse cake and the bottom one is a Taro cake.  

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

under the sea birthday party - part 1

A few weeks ago, some of my husband's family happened to be in town the same weekend as my family.  This does not happen very often so we decided to get everyone together and host a BBQ at our place.  The timing also happened to be relatively close to my niece's birthday so a few days before the BBQ, the get together also turned into a surprise birthday party for her.

For those of you who host or entertain a lot, you know that hosts manage to accumulate decorations throughout the process.  Therefore, it was pretty easy to recycle a few of the decorations and also make a quick trip to the Dollar Tree to pick up a few new ones.  My niece LOVES swimming so we made the BBQ a pool party with an "Under the Sea" theme to it.

On the front door, I hung two wreaths I had from the bird themed baby shower I hosted for a friend {see here}.  I flipped the wreaths upside down and added a couple of cute signs I found at the Dollar Tree.

For the dining table, I put a plastic tablecloth (left over from the same baby shower) under the table runner that is usually on the table.  

I filled two square glass vases left over from our wedding {see here} with the seashells from the centerpiece that is usually on our dining table {see here}.

To play along with the theme, I added blue glass gems and Finding Nemo toys to small round vases.  The gems and toys were all from the Dollar Tree.  The vases were left overs from the circus themed baby shower I hosted {see here} and are also from the Dollar Tree.

I also added a few pictures of the birthday girl on the table with landscape frames I found at Michael's.  The four frames on the dining room buffet are Ikea Tolsby frames that are also from the circus themed baby shower {see here}.  

I also hung up some decorations on the candle sconces in the dining room that I originally used on our fireplace at the bird baby shower {see here}.  


Unfortunately, below is the best picture I have of the main decorations in the dining room.  Across the top of the window, I hung the banner I made last summer for a friend's birthday party {see here}.  The paper lanterns and hanging fans are also recycled from the bird themed baby shower {see here}.  

To go along with the theme, I added ribbon to the bottom of the paper lanterns so they would look kind of like jellyfish.  I also added wiggly eyes (from Michael's) and fins and lips (cut out from card stock) to the circular fans to make them look like fish. 

The wooden letters were a gift for the birthday girl to put in her room.  You can get the letters at Michael's.  After spray painting the letters pink, I simply added stickers that went along with the theme.  

For outside, I bought a few inflatable animals from the Dollar Tree to stick in the pool.

Finally, to get an "Under the Sea" effect outside, I hung up some fish cut-outs with paper streamers off the balcony.  The cut-outs were from the Dollar Tree.

Check in later this week and I'll share some pictures of the food from the party!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

before & after: spray painted wall decor

Earlier this week, I wrote about our updated guest room {here}.  Today, I thought I would share a couple of the projects we did for the room.  First off, the two gold candle sconces…

I bought the candle sconces a couple of years ago at Home Goods and never really found a place for them.  Originally, they were both silver.

As I mentioned in my post earlier this week, I opted to use gold accents in the guest bedroom to try to match the sliding closet doors.  My husband (who has become a pro at spray painting) spray painted them gold to fit in with the rest of the colors of the guest room.  I was actually really surprised how much fancier the sconces looked in gold.  Plus, the gold made them a lot easier to hang up with standard picture hooks (that usually come in gold). 

Next up is the gold mirror that we hung above the painted thrift store desk {here}

The mirror was actually something we bought awhile ago at a garage sale and then never did anything with.  The mirror has been sitting in our garage and so I had my husband spray paint it gold as well.

Now it looks a lot better and is much more useful in the house instead of the garage!

And here are some quick comparisons...

Amazing what a difference a quick coat of spray paint can make!

Monday, June 16, 2014

our home: guest bedroom

As I mentioned a few weeks ago {here} and {here}, we have been working on a few projects around the house to get ready for my family to visit.  After two fun and amazing weeks of having them here, our house is pretty quiet again and I now have some time to actually write about the projects.  I thought I would share a few pictures from our updated guest room today.

Unfortunately, I completely forgot to take pictures of the guest room from before.  You can just trust me, it was pretty sad looking.  Before the update, we had a collection of mismatched furniture from when my husband and I originally moved in together.  Now the room looks a lot better and a lot more coordinated!

Curtains - Home Goods / Nightstand Table - Ross / Bed - Cost Plus World Market

To save some room, I opted to use the painted thrift store desk from {here} next to one side of the bed instead of a nightstand.  

Desk - Salvation Army / Mirror - Garage Sale / Chair - Ikea

On the other side of the bed, I used a side table that we purchased several years ago at Ross Dress for Less.  We found it with the patio furniture and decor so I am pretty sure it is supposed to hold plants outside.  However, the distressed wood top and metal base work well inside and it ended up being a great match for the desk because it was pretty much the same height.

Candle Sconce / Lamp / Frame / Candles - Home Goods

Lamp, Frames, Candles, Tray - Home Goods / Reed Diffuser - Gift

Normally, I would not decorate with gold (I tend to lean more towards silvers and grays).  However, as you can see, this room has wall to wall sliding mirror doors on one end that are framed with gold trim.  Originally, I wanted to get rid of the gold trim but this would involve either painting (which would take me forever) or having someone replace it (so expensive).  We even looked into replacing the doors with more updated ones but the cost was crazy pricey given it was just a guest bedroom.  So in the end, I opted to stop fighting the trim and just working around it!

As you can see, next to the closet is the Ikea Tarva dresser that I stained and posted about {here}.

Dresser - Ikea / Knobs - Cost Plus World Market

Candles / Sconce / Frames / Birdhouse / Shells - Home Goods

On the side wall, I made a picture gallery with pictures of places that my husband and I have travelled to together.  I was super excited when I found the frames in the clearance section of Home Goods for $4 each.  Such a great price and Jonathan Adler too!

I love how the frames turned out.  They're also great because I can switch out the pictures with new places from future trips!

This room has been on my "to do" list forever.  In true procrastinator form, I ended up putting it all together in just a couple weeks.  My husband and I literally bought the bed and hung up everything on the walls two days before my family arrived.  I may add some finishing touches here and there (maybe something over the bed and a throw pillow here and there) but otherwise, I think this room is finally done!