Tuesday, September 30, 2014

starting back...

Well…it seems like forever since I wrote on here.  Those that know me personally or read this blog regularly know that this is a hobby and by no means my full-time "job".  Therefore, when life gets super busy, this blog is usually the first thing that I have to put to the side.  And folks, that's just what happened this summer.  Work took over for a bit and I had to take a break from writing on here.  I was able to squeeze in a couple projects here and there though and for my "first day" back, I thought I would share one of them.

Earlier this summer, I shared this Ikea Tarva hack that I did for our master bedroom {full post here}.

I was really happy with how the dresser turned out.  Only problem was, there was nowhere to put all the electronic "stuff" that goes with our TV anywhere near our actual TV.  Therefore, I needed to come up with a way to store our cable box and blu-ray player without creating an eyesore in our bedroom and decided to make a box to hold all that extra stuff.

Making the box was pretty simple.  The most time consuming part was making sure all the measurements were exact and staining the wood.  I won't go into details on measurements since the box should basically be as wide as the TV and as high as whatever it needs to hold.   

I used common board this time for the wood but looking back, I should have used pine boards.  The common board was cheaper but did not absorb the stain as well.  The boards were stained using two coats of Minwax wood stain in Jacobean.  Once dry, I simply used wood screws to attach the top and bottom pieces to the sides.  I wanted the box to have an industrial look to it so I did not mind having the screws show.  

It took some creative thinking to come up with a workable door for the front of the box.  The door needed to be able to open so that we could still access everything inside but also could not block the remote from working.  Therefore, I opted to make a hinged door with a screened front.  

The first step was to make a "frame" for the door.  I used brackets on the corners to hold the pieces together but also to go along with the industrial look of the piece.

For the screen, I bought 23 gauge hardware cloth which I cut to size and spray painted brown to match the box.  In order to cut the cloth, I definitely recommend wire cutters and a pair of gloves!

Once the screen was dry, I stapled it on to the back of the door frame using a staple gun.

And here is what the back of the door looked like when I was done…

I used hinges to attach the door to the box so it could open and close.  I also painted the screws with brown metallic paint to match the wood.

To finish everything, I added some decor from Home Goods.  The faux flowers are from Michael's.

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