Tuesday, December 30, 2014

new year's eve 2015 printables...

Just wanted to share a few printables today of some quick New Year's Eve signs and decorations I made for a NYE dinner we're hosting at our place.  I'm still working on a few more decorations and details but just wanted to share these today in case anyone needed some last minute ideas.  I haven't taken down my Christmas decorations yet so I just incorporated the NYE decorations into the mix.

The frames are the plastic frames from Michael's and Ikea that I have used for a few parties/baby showers before.  I just printed the printables on some glossy photo paper and added some small gold bows.  Most of the fonts are standard on my Mac or from www.dafont.com and are listed below.

Freebooter Script / Desdemona / Perpetua Titling MT / Bergamot Ornamental
Jazz LET / 101! Star Studded

Perpetua Titling MT / EcuyerDAX / Bergamot Ornamental
Snell Roundhand / Garamond / Bergamot Ornamental / Before the Rain

The wreaths are still out from Christmas.  I just added some clock cut-outs to tie into the NYE holiday.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

christmas recap...

Hope everyone had a good Christmas.  We have had a great holiday with our family and friends and are still enjoying some time off work to catch up with everyone.  Just wanted to share a few quick pictures of what Christmas day looked like for us here.

I got these mini dog frame ornaments last year at Home Goods and added a couple pictures of Panda and Tater from when they were puppies.  The mini stockings are from Target and I added some felt DIY cut-outs of a bone and paw just for fun.

The place cards were a quick printable from Miss Information {see here} and the letter ornaments were some last minute purchases on sale at Michael's for 59 cents each!

The wood box centerpiece was a DIY project from last year {see here}.  

Some of our friends came over for Christmas dinner with their adorable kids.  Here they are checking out our fake mini tree.  The mini tree is left over from when my husband and I had a small apartment in downtown LA years ago.  We still put it up every year with more personalized ornaments from places we have visited and gifts from friends and family.  

Here is the yummy rib roast that my mom and husband prepared. 

And here is our smallest Christmas guest passed out in front of the tree by the end of the night.

Monday, December 22, 2014

almost christmas...

Well, Christmas is just a few days so I hope everyone has their shopping done and their decorations up!  Decorations were done at our house a few weeks ago but we wrapped up our shopping this past weekend and now I am ready for a couple weeks off work to relax with the family.  I shared a few photos of our Christmas tree last week {see here}.  Today, I wanted to share a few pictures of some other decorations around the house.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

our home: christmas tree and DIY ornaments...

I cannot believe Christmas is just a week away.  Looking back, it seems like 2014 went by so quickly…especially the month of December!  This year, I decided to keep it simple with the Christmas decorations and not go overboard with a bunch of new stuff.  Therefore, most of the decorations around the house are the same as last year {see here and here}.

One thing I did change up this year was that I wanted to have a beach / sea-themed Christmas tree.  I was able to find a few fish and seashell ornaments at Home Goods but needed a few more ornaments to really fill out the tree.  After some looking around, I decided that making some beach-themed ornaments would be a much more economical route than buying a bunch of ornaments individually.  For the ornaments, I opted on sand dollars and starfish which I bought on Amazon {here and here, respectively).

I used jute twine to create the loops to hang the sand dollars and starfish on the Christmas tree branches.    Here is what they looked like before they went on the tree:

And here is what they look like in the tree:

To add some more blue and green hues to the tree, I bought some plain glass ornaments at Hobby Lobby when they were 1/2 off.  

The ornaments were super shiny so I used some sponges to dab on Martha Stewart Frost Etching to give them more of a matte finish that made them kind of look like sea glass.  Martha Steward Frost Translucent Glass Paint would also work well and probably create a thicker finish. 


Here is a close-up of one of the blue glass ornaments in the tree:


And here is the whole tree...